Center for Lumad Advocacy, Networking and Services (CLANS)


The Center for Lumad Advocacy, Networking and Services (CLANS) is a patriotic institution that promotes scientific education for the indigenous Lumad people in the Socsksargen region of Mindanao.

CLANS promotes the Lumad right to self-determination by supporting indigenous people’s movements to address the root causes of inequality, disrespect, injustice, discrimination, and plunder of ancestral lands. It provides and facilitates extension programs and services such as education, community-based health care systems, sanitation programs, water systems, small￾scale alternative electrification, irrigation systems, and sustainable agriculture to its partner Lumad communities.

The service institution initiated various projects upholding the rights of the Lumad and for the protection of the environment. They have successfully established 50 Lumad community schools across the whole region. Water and sanitation projects they helped build in the provinces of Sarangani and South Coatabato have benefitted almost 100 families, reducing the incidence of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and amoebiasis by 90%.

A micro-hydro power project was also established through the facilitation of CLANS, which supports the operation of corn-mills and the electrification of Lumad villages in the hinterlands of Sarangani.

CLANS also carried out a reforestation project to improve the local environment of the Lumad community schools. Center for Lumad Advocacy, Networking and Services (CLANS) Organizational Awardee Consciousness on environmental protection was taught in the Lumad schools such as waste segregation, refraining from burning plastics, and using glyphosate in farms. CLANS also participated in the widespread movement to oppose the operations of Sagittarius Mining Corporation (SMI), known as possibly the largest large-scale mine in Asia which covers four (4) provinces including Lumad ancestral domains.

Intensifying attacks from the military and paramilitary groups are directed at CLANS to pacify their staunch opposition to the entry of mining and plantation companies in their partner Lumad communities. Even their volunteer teachers and staff members are experiencing intimidation, harassments illegal arrests, and trumped-up charges.

Despite the unimaginable tribulations they face, the advocates of CLANS and their Lumad communities remain defiant, dedicated towards delivering much-needed education and building a sustainable future for the Lumad people.