Rodne R. Galicha


Rodne R. Galicha is a dedicated, vigilant guardian of the environment. Hailing from the island of Sibuyan, Rodne studied Philosophy and Classical Arts before teaching philosophy, environmental ethics, sociology, history and literature at the San Lorenzo Ruiz Seminary and Colegio de San Juan de Letran – Intramuros.

He serves as an Executive Director of Sibuyan Island Sentinels League for Environment Inc. (Sibuyan ISLE), Co ordina tor of Sibuyanos Against Mining (SAM), Sites of Struggle Officer of the advocacy group Alyansa Tigil Mina, Haribon Foundation and the Philippines Partnership for the Development of Human resources in Rural Areas (PhilDHRRA) and convener-coordinator of Mining Action Philippines in Australia (MAP-Oz).

Rodne is an active participant in every issue that relates to environmental protection and preservation in his hometown. Rodne is present at every environmental forum, demonstration, rally and is constantly helping raise awareness and educate the people with regards to environmental issues. An example of Rodne’s work in Subuyan Island is leading the relief efforts by coordinating aid distribution for the people in the Island after Typhoon Frank. Rodne’s leadership helped the team successfully accomplished this endeavor.

One of Rodne’s most notable achievements is his instrumental involvement in the Mining Moratorium ordered by the governor of the Romblon Province, decreasing the threats that large scale mining poses to the people of Romblon, including his home of Sibuyan.

Rodne has not limited his advocacy to Sibuyan, with his efforts expanding to international levels. While he has been involved in various Filipino organizations, he is also often asked to speak in international forums. He was even trained as an official presenter for Al Gore’s The Climate Change Project.

As a testimony to his commitment, not only to Sibuyan but to the cause of environmental protection, Rodne has maintained his principles as some of those around him have given in to the monetary gains promised by those wanting to exploit Sibuyan’s environment. Through Rodne’s work, people of Sibuyan and even those he has worked with, are more inspired and thus more willing to resist the destruction of the environment.